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 ET PLAST Company S.A INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY was founded in 1987 and is one of the biggest manufacturing and trading companies of Greek territory. Our company operates in its own premises 16,000 sq.m. at Acharnes Attica active in the production and disposal of household and business equipment, storage items, packaging and camping furniture. With a fully equipped machine shop with CNC machining center equipped with CAD design program / CAM and various conventional machines, we can manufacture and production of a wide range of products.

Our company is a leader in the plastics industry in both the Greek market and abroad where it competes comparable foreign products. The technical background and well-trained staff combined with the extensive experience in the plastics industry ranked among the top plastic industries in Greece. The number one priority for us is to satisfy the expectations of our customers and respond to the Greek market data based mainly on producing excellent quality products. The Reliability and the trust are governing our every move while our main thrust is any professional innovation in the design and manufacturing.

The qualitative and quantitative data of our company establish us as a reliable and credible player in the business market, export-oriented , with modern production infrastructure, expertise and competitiveness.